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Peace Ken Zìyóu: Péngyôumen Idi Pay Lang

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The “Filipino-Chinese” term may be politically incorrect as it should rather be Chinese-Filipino as our Chinoy friends are more Filipino than they are Chinese. They are Filipinos with Chinese ancestry. It comes with a long history though wherein it actually started with Filipino-Chinese. Quite a number of immigrants from China paved their way to Baguio, literally. They were just among the thousands of workers commissioned by the Americans to build what is now known as Kennon Road. Of course, Baguio has long been established and it presented the serenity and its allure even among the construction crew. Quite a lot of the immigrants likewise capitalized on their new found freedom and built a life here.

Assuming different roles, they’ve also established lasting relationships with locals as much as they were similarly smitten by the charm of the women from this side of the mountain. A peaceful and liberating new life. We could perhaps say that love paved the way. 

Long history short, further constructions established Baguio up till what it is today. From being heavily influenced by the Americans to the acclimatization of Chinoys and locals alike commingling into the development of “Baguio of fusion” that it is now and so.

From our growing ties with our now-Chinoy compatriots however, the sturdiest construction of all is the friendship and partnership it has instituted. And if we are to establish as well the political correctness of our Filipino-Chinese connection, it goes without saying that it is built on a strong foundation way beyond how it started from the early 1900s; and that of a way which likewise connects to Baguio. Adaptations and fusion of culture and economy, not to mention our trade and industry, have been mutually accepted. Along the way and amidst varied traditional beliefs and differing political stands even, the relations have withstood the test of time and continue to flourish.

Even within the core of our respective customary and indigenous practices and feng shui, what transcends beyond those is our common ground, Baguio; and that of our being Filipino. By sweat and tears, in our thoughts and in our hearts, through the very quintessence of our being, we will be in gracious collaboration and in subservient service for the sustainability of that Filipino-Chinese friendship and patriotic allegiance.

To further commemorate such a lasting “blend of colors”, the graphic installation of a mural along Kisad Road paints a depiction of that. Opportunely as the mutually beneficial union, it is Baguio City’s longest mural thus far. And as if it’s not long enough, this is but a negligible contribution by the Fil-Chi Community headed by its Chairman, Mr Peter L. Ng that will likewise stand long and farther. The Fil-Chi Community further aims to uphold the merits of peace and freedom we have correlatively abided by as vital elements in maintaining our valuable complementary interdependence and affiliation. Headed by its lead artist, Chino Chow and mural painter extraordinaire, Edmund Andrada, both Baguio locals themselves, together with the assistance of friends, it was a resembling collaborative effort like that of what’s being depicted. Figuratively, the mural is longer than the Kennon Road stretch as much as the founded relations; it “kennon” be any better without the paving of that naturalization of such friendship.

*Much like what’s being featured and pictured out, the title is a mix of the languages of a strong bond being conveyed like the Baguio essence we’ve established, the Baguio we share and the Baguio that we are… Peace and Freedom: Friends Ever Since.

**photos from Chino Chow

***Inauguration will be on the 22nd May 2024

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